When to Get an Oral Cancer Screening

This is serious!

It is imperative to get an oral cancer screening at the first small sign of mouth pain or bumps. Oral cancer appears as a stubborn growth or sore on the outside or inside of your mouth, that will not go away. Oral cancers affect the lips, tongue, floor of mouth, hard palate, soft palate, sinuses, or pharynx. These cancers can become life threatening if not diagnosed and treated early enough by doctors and professionals.

Proven with lab results

Get an oral cancer screening if you are in any doubt! Oral cancer can only be diagnosed with a biopsy. The dentist will take a sample of tissue in the area and examine it under a microscope. Your dentist might be able to see suspicious looking growths, but it is not until you get the lab results back to be certain. Smoking and other uses of tobacco can lead to a type of oral cancer called squamous cell carcinoma that spread quickly!

To check for signs of oral cancer:

• Squeeze and roll the inside of both cheeks gently between your fingers
• Check for any lumps or areas of tenderness
• Check for lumps on the roof of your mouth by looking up in the mirror with your mouth open wide
• Look for any out of the ordinary colored bumps

When in doubt, see a dentist

If you experience any kinds of bumps, pain or tenderness, go see a dentist immediately for an oral cancer screening! Everyone should see a dentist at least twice a year to keep their mouth healthy! But dentists and health professionals recommend that if you have been told you have a higher chance of getting an oral disease, you should get your mouth looked at more often.

Oral cancer screenings detect any problems in or around the outside of your mouth. The goal is to discover them early enough, so they do not cause any major issues and heal properly. Some people have a higher risk of oral cancer than others due to smoking and heavy alcohol drinking.

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