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At Destination Dental, you receive exceptional care aimed to give you the best experience and peace of mind.
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Dental Emergency

It can happen at the most inconvenient time, a dental emergency. Rest assured, we will help you with ANY dental emergency needing dental services in a prompt and timely manner. Contact us to get help with your dental emergency.

Dental Services

All of us at Destination Dental want you to feel comfortable knowing you are getting the best care when you walk into our doors. Our staff will help make you comfortable and ensure your needs are taken care of.

Office Hours

Monday – Wednesday7:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Thursday7:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Your Neighbor, Your Dentist

The best way to bring your feelings about the dentist into the 21st century is to find a dentist you trust with your smile. Studies show that the mere act of smiling can change your mood. We start with your smile, but soon you may notice everything about your attitude is boosted!

Dr. Neil has been a trusted dentist in La Crescent for more than 25 years because he’s interested in building a dialogue with every patient. Maybe you’re only looking to whiten your smile or maybe you’re coming to us with a dental emergency. The sooner we can give you the dental care you need the sooner you can get back to flashing your pearly whites! Destination Dental makes it a top priority to provide you with a dental care plan you are comfortable and confident with. When you choose a dentist like Dr. Neil, all of your anxieties about the dentist are left in the lobby.

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Routine Dental Care Services, Emergencies, and More

At Destination Dental we offer a wide variety of services including teeth whiteningdental emergency work, dental bridges, dentures, and same day crowns. You can feel confident that you will receive the care you need in a prompt and timely manner. We are committed to providing you with a dental experience that is pleasant and as painless as possible. Our staff will work with you to create a personalized dental care plan for any service you may need. Whether you are coming in for a routine cleaning, teeth whitening services, a dental emergency, dental bridges, dentures, or same day crowns, we will ensure that you are receiving top of the line dental hygiene care.

Teeth Whitening

It’s your smile that offers a first impression which is why teeth whitening is so important these days.

Same Day Crowns

Get strong, beautiful teeth when you need a dental crown in just one appointment!

Pain-Free Fillings

Destination Dental is proud to announce that it has added Solea Convergent Dental’s new dental laser to its practice.

Dental Emergencies

We offer emergency dental services during office hours and after-hours.

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Neil Mighall, DDS

Give Your Teeth a Fresh Start with a New Dentist

Come in for a fresh start to your dental care plan! To make sure your records are up to date and have all of the information we need, we build new profiles for each patient. No matter where your care begins, your dental plan is designed to improve your appearance and health.

At Destination Dental we're confident in our services because we combine compassion, technique, and technology. If you haven’t visited the dentist in years, or are unsure how to transfer your previous files, there’s no need to worry. We handle concerns like these every day and we’ll assist every step of the way! The first step in re-writing how people feel about the dentist, is offering them an experience worth smiling about!