Tooth Extractions

Why a tooth extraction may be necessary

Getting a tooth pulled can improve oral health in many ways. Tooth extraction is performed for a variety of reasons. Whether a tooth is too damaged to be fixed, or if there’s too much crowding in the mouth, tooth removal may be the solution. If there is an infected tooth that doesn’t heal or respond from antibiotics, it may need to be pulled.

What to expect at a tooth removal appointment

Having to get a tooth or multiple teeth pulled can cause some natural feelings of nervousness and worry. You can rest assured that Dr. Neil and his team are prepared and ready to make your experience as painless and comfortable as possible. Pulling teeth is a very common procedure, and we’ll be here before, during, and after to help it all go smoothly. A quick and healthy recovery can be achieved by sticking to a few simple rules post tooth removal. These will be clearly communicated during your appointments, but always feel free to call us with any additional questions or concerns.

We are here to help with dental care

Here at Destination Dental, we are committed to our patients. Not only do we want our patients to leave with the right treatment, but a pleasant and comfortable experience as well. Our professionals aim to provide the most pain-free and gentle care as possible. If you need a dental extraction or another dental service, you can trust our team.

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