Oral Cancer Screenings

Purpose of Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer screenings are a precautionary check to detect any problem areas in the oral cavity that could possibly be cancer or another health concern. The goal is to find any issues early on and to allow quick and effective treatment if necessary.

Some individuals have a higher risk of oral cancer than others. People who use tobacco or drink heavy amounts of alcohol have greater risk of developing mouth cancer. This is because the substances are in direct contact with the inner surface of the lips. Oral cancer screenings are especially important for anyone who uses tobacco and consumes a lot of alcohol.

Preventing Oral and Mouth Cancer

It is important to get a regular oral cancer screening to prevent oral cancer from progressing longer than it should. Catching it sooner rather than later could save your life. While eliminating or reducing your tobacco and alcohol use can lower your risk, it is possible to be diagnosed without any use of those substances. It is essential to your oral health to see your dentist regularly for screenings and checkups.

Early detection is key for oral cancer. This allows treatment and recovery to potentially happen much quicker. Reducing use of substances that increase your risk, always staying up-to-date on your dentist checkups, and mentioning any pain or differences to your dentist can all help you maintain a healthy, cancer-free mouth.

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