Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry for Effective Treatment

Laser dentistry isn’t new for dentists, but it is becoming more widespread in how we use it. Some forms of laser dentistry began in 1990 and began what is known as “no-drill dentistry” or “shot-free dentistry”. Lasers are usually used in conjunction with other dental tools, though.

What Can Solea Laser Dentistry Help With?

Using a laser during a dental procedure can greatly reduce tissue trauma. Solea Laser dentistry works great to help expose some of the surface of wisdom teeth as well as help when we need to get impressions for crowns. We will use laser dentistry for removing inflamed gum tissue in case of gum disease as well as helping treat root canals.

We can also use lasers to help speed up the tooth whitening process.

Advantages of Solea Laser Dentistry

Helping you relax during your visit to the dentist is our main goal. When we can say you will have a “no drill dentist” or “shot free dentist” visit and not hear the sound of the drill or need anesthesia, everyone wins!

Solea Laser dentistry is very precise, allowing us to work specifically on a small portion of your mouth during certain procedures. Because lasers help reduce tissue trauma, we prefer to use a laser when possible. Laser dentistry also speeds up the healing process and can reduce the amount of bacteria with gum disease and cavities.

Unfortunately, laser dentistry is not available for all procedures. We will let you know if your procedure makes you a candidate but you can also ask us prior to your visit!

Laser Dentistry

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