How to Prevent TMJ


TMJ, or Temporomandibular Joint disorder, is a problem that occurs between your jaw and skull where a joint is rubbing together and can cause pain in the jaw, back and neck. Fortunately, there are ways to treat the pain and stop the behaviors that can cause TMJ syndrome. TMJ can be caused from numerous scenarios, preventable and unpreventable. Injuries and damage to the mouth are usually unpreventable. But there are many ways to prevent TMJ in your everyday life.

Excessive Gum Chewing can cause TMJ

Gum is great for when you want to refresh your breath and get that tuna salad taste out of your mouth. However, chewing too much gum too often can cause stress on your jaw and lead to TMJ.

Stress can lead to TMJ

Stress is something that can take control of your life if you let it. Being under a lot of stress can lead to many complications, one being TMJ. Being stressed comes with side effects and bad habits such as teeth grinding which is a cause of developing TMJ.

Misaligned Teeth can cause TMJ

If your dentist/orthodontics specialist diagnoses you for teeth misalignment, you want to get it fixed immediately. Having your teeth and jaw in the wrong places can cause grinding of teeth and discomfort in your mouth, resulting in TMJ.

If you are experiencing jaw popping, pain in the ear or jaw area, chronic headaches, stiff jaw muscles and/or jaw locking, you will want to see a dentist right away for diagnosis of TMJ. These pains may be subtle at first, but they can start to interfere with your daily life causing a lot of discomfort.

Reducing stress and calming your muscles can help lower your pain and can be a temporary fix for less severe cases of TMJ. In more serious cases, dental surgery is the best option for long-term relief. The right treatment and diagnosis is necessary when dealing with a mouth joint problem such as TMJ. Contact Destination Dental if you are experiencing any symptoms of TMJ syndrome and we will make sure you receive the right treatment for your jaw!