You’ve Been Waiting for Laser Dentistry, and Now it’s Here!

Finally, the next step in dental ingenuity is here and it doesn’t involve needles or that high pitched drilling noise in your head! If you’re ready for the most comfortable dental experience, whether you have a cavity that needs attention or oral surgery, it’s time you look into laser dentistry.

How Does Laser Dentistry Work? Why Solea?

Laser dentistry involves a CO2 dental laser, cleared by the FDA for all-Tissue dental procedures. These include treating cavities as well as oral surgery. The laser vaporizes target tissue using light, without contact whether it is tooth, bone or gum. This means no needles, stitches or post-operative discomfort for you. Solea is not only the only CO2 laser on the market with this kind of power, but it has also earned the trust of dentists across the nation at lightning speed. Laser dentistry has come a long way in the last ten years and Solea exemplifies that. Since Solea’s launch, dentists across the country have converted to using lasers because it takes a lot of the ‘scary’ aspects of the dentist out of the equation.

No Needles Required when You Choose Laser Dentistry

It’s true! There is rarely a need to inject a patient for pain for any cavity, gum, or tooth work because laser dentistry takes out the pain. Leave the high-pitched noises and the drill vibrations in your head in the past. And on-top-of no needles, no numbness, no noise, and no pain, visits are shorter because patients don’t have to spend time in the chair waiting to get numb. Laser dentistry has relieved thousands of patients anxious feelings about the dentist. Who comes to mind when you think of people who loathe the dentist? We’d like to ease their troubles!

Laser Dentistry Changes the Healing Process

In most cases, the use of laser dentistry means our patients won’t need stitches. Gum and other oral surgeries that use lasers have minimized bleeding and swelling during the procedures. Another benefit to laser dentistry is because the laser can target very specific tissues and bone matter, dentists are able to preserve more of the healthy tooth during cavity removal.


If you would like to experience the new wave of tooth care, give us a call to schedule your next dentist appointment with our Solea laser!