Preventadent Is a Customized Plan Just For You

For many people dental insurance is not an option or doesn’t go far enough. That’s why the Preventadent system can effectively reduce your family’s dental costs. Preventadent is powerful prevention. Because lifestyle and genetics play such a big part in the oral chemistry that affects your dental health, you need a plan customized specifically to your circumstances. The Preventadent system charts a personal path that can dramatically improve your dental health and lower the cost of your dental care.

With Preventadent there is no need to gather old X-rays or dental records just call Destination Dental and ask for your complimentary Preventadent exam which includes a thorough assessment complete with full mouth X-Rays. There is no cost to you to get started. Following the exam, we go over your Preventadent plan and answer all your questions.

Lower the cost of your dental health….. Preventadent.