Dental FAQs

As your dental professionals, we encourage you to ask questions and share your concerns. Just call us or make an appointment to discuss whatever you’re curious about and read through this section in the mean time in case you find a quick answer. Simply click on a question to find an answer.

Getting started as a patient at Destination Dental with Dr. Neil is easy -just call (507) 895-6770 or use our Request an Appointment feature to schedule your new patient appointment. We want to provide you with adequate time and attention in giving you our high standard of dental services and care.

To do so, we ask you to provide us enough information in your requests so we can schedule the time required to help you with your care. We make every effort to honor your scheduled appointment time. We ask our patients do the same and we ask you let us know if you are unable to keep your appointment. We do offer dental emergency services.

As a member of professional dental organizations, Dr. Neil continues his education and maintains his practice with the most advanced research and effective technologies in dentistry. The Destination Dental staff also seeks the best continuing education available. You can read more about Dr. Neil and the Destination Dental team to learn of their training and outside interests.

Dr. Neil or the hygienist will let you know how frequently you should be seen for dental care or teeth cleaning. A usual three to six month range is normal but this can vary depending upon your dental needs. Appointments are made ahead of time over the phone or at the end of your previous patient visit or by requesting an appointment online. Reminders are provided to you.

We love referrals. Our commitment is to keep you and your family coming back to our dentistry practice and offices – through generations. Please ask them to visit our website or to contact us. This is the best compliment we can receive and it is very satisfying to us to know you are pleased with our care!

We are happy to file claims directly as a courtesy to our patients. For planning any non-emergency treatment, we will request a “predetermination of benefits” from your insurer. If you have specific questions on insurance, contact our office manager or billing specialist for more help.

No, but we hope you understand your dental health is important! Also, Dr. Neils time is reserved just for you, so it’s important for you to be on time to each appointment. We do call to remind you 48 hours in advance. We understand things do come up or are unavoidable, but if missing appointments or canceling too late is a chronic occurrence we will talk with you.

Dr Mighall and the Destination Dental team welcomes feedback from patients at any time. The best way to speak directly to our dentists or staff members is to call our offices with your question. We will help you resolve your question or make arrangements for you to speak to Dr. Neil.

We document your medical history in order to have a better understanding of your needs. We have emergency kits and oxygen on hand so we’re prepared in case anything urgent arises. Our staff members have emergency phone numbers available as well. We also have very high-tech standards for sterilization. We have a state-of-the-art sterilization center with dry heat, autoclave and ultrasonic cleaning capabilities, along with other equipment to make sure everything is completely clean.

Yes, it is. You should consult us about this as soon as possible. While it may be a condition that is not a concern, this is not a normal occurrence and we should explore all of the possible causes and solutions.